Business and Commercial Law

Business and Commercial arrangements between parties are often reached when the relationship between them is friendly. Parties often fail to consider protecting their legal position int eh event of a dispute.

Legal issues which arise in Business and Commercial matters are often complex. A properly drafted agreement which sets out the rights and obligations of all parties will mean that any disputes which may arise can be resolved quickly and with minimum cost to all concerned.

In any legal dispute involving Business and Commercial matters, being able to produce and rely upon a written agreement is crucial.

Mackinnon Jacobs Lawyers have skilled and experienced lawyers who are able to assist and advise you in relation to a wide range of Business and Commercial Law matters, such as:

  • Commercial & Retail Leases
  • Sale and Acquisition of Businesses more info…
  • Incorporated Associations
  • Corporations and Business Structures more info…
  • Trusts and Property Transactions
  • Partnerships and Business
  • Business and Commercial Litigation more info…

Obtaining the right advice and assistance prior to concluding your Business or Commercial matter may be the key to preventing time consuming and costly litigation if a dispute should arise.

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