Jodie Joyce (LLB Hons, BA Hons) joined Mackinnon Jacobs Lawyers as a law clerk in 1990 and developed a keen interest in Wills and Estates.  She studied Law part time, whilst undertaking her duties as a Probate Clerk.  She is experienced in such matters as –

  • obtaining grants of Probate and Letters of Administration
  • attending to the administration of estates
  • proving copies of Wills where the original is lost
  • dealing with informal Wills
  • resealing interstate and international grants of Probate
  • preparing deeds of family arrangement
  • ensuring that clients are aware of their rights and responsibilities as Executors or Administrators

Obtaining grants of Probate or Letters of Administration represents only one part of attending to the administration of a deceased estate. Once a grant is obtained, then the process of finalising the estate commences and this can often involve closing bank accounts, selling of shares, redeeming investments, dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Social Security or other governmental authorities and the transferring or selling of property. Financial Institutions and government departments often have differing requirements which need to be met.

With her experience in such matters, Jodie is able to ensure that the administration of any deceased estate, from the obtaining of a grant to the final distribution of the estate, is done with efficiency, care and a minimum of worry for the client.

Jodie has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from Monash University in 1995 and and graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree in 2015.

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