Banking & Finance

Consumer Credit

Finance is an integral part of our personal and commercial dealings today.

The obtaining of finance and providing security by way of a mortgage, guarantee or other security for the repayment of that finance often gives rise to legal issue and disputes.

There is significant amount of legislation dealing with the rights of consumers in relation to finance obtained for personal purposes including the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and the National Credit Code. For lenders, there are licensing and regulatory requirements which must be met to carry on the business of providing finance and obligations that must be met prior to entering into credit contracts for the provision of consumer finance.

Commercial Lending

In the commercial context, the legislative safeguards that apply to consumer credit are often not available which makes it paramount that you obtain legal advice about the terms of any loan transaction you are proposing to enter into.

Whether a lender or a borrower, whether you are providing security by way of a mortgage or a guarantee, and whether the finance is a consumer loan or for commercial purposes, Mackinnon Jacobs has skilled lawyers to advise you of your rights.

Mackinnon Jacobs can also assist with disputes involving finance, enforcement of mortgages and the enforcement of guarantees.

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